How to Host an HBO Watch Party with Your Friends

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Do you need help deciding where to organize your next watch Party? Then, you must give a try to HBO Max Watch Party and if you have never tried it yet. The reason is the growing popularity that makes it a part of appreciation among other watch party extensions. Moreover, you need to install the HBO watch party extension to accelerate its streaming services. And once you install the HBO Watch Party extension, it will let you begin watching all available videos on HBO Max. And these are movies, shows, series, short films, documentaries, and a lot more. 

Furthermore, the Watch Party HBO Max or HBO Go Watch Party has a number of wholesome features that are enough to enlighten your movie night. Hence, to learn about the HBO Party features and their usage, straight jump onto the downward information. Besides, do the same to educate yourself about the process of hosting an HBO Max Party for your friends to stream together.  


How to Host an HBO Max Watch Party?

Here you have detailed and productive information regarding the process of hosting an HBO Watch Party. So without any further delay, let’s begin the process:  

1. Install HBO Party Extension

To install the HBO Party extension effortlessly, click here. But before doing so, ensure either to have a Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome web browser. Next, use the device that should be macOS, Chromebook, or Windows.   

2. Pin the Extension

After installing the extension, pin it to your browser’s toolbar. Therefore, click on the extension icon and on the pin button simultaneously. You can see the Pin button beside the HBO Max Party extension. In case you cannot find the Watch Party HBO Max extension, navigate to the top right corner of the browser. 

3. HBO Max Sign In

While proceeding further, it will ask you to sign in to your HBO Max account. And this shows the relevance of owning an HBO Max account and subscription for you and other watch party members.  

4. Play the Video

Once you complete the sign-in process, you must search and select the video you want to stream with your friends. Note that it is an important step to pause the selected video after playing it for a few seconds.   

5. Create an HBO Max Party

It would be best if you kept a few things in mind while creating an HBO Max Watch Party. Therefore, click the “PLAY” button in the toolbar to open a “Create a Party” window. There you have to click on the “Start a Party” button to generate an HBO Max Watch Party link. Once the link is created, please share it with your distant friends and closed ones to invite them to your HBO Go Watch Party.     

6. Join the Party

Now end the process by joining the HBO Max Party by clicking on the shared HBO Party link by the Host of the HBO Party. Remember, clicking so will redirect you to the HBO watch party and let you connect with your friends and begin streaming videos on HBO Max with yourself or your friends.     

Features of HBO Max Watch Party

It all makes sense to make your HBO Max Watch Party more joyful and entertaining by adding the essence of features to it. And to do so, follow the given below steps:  

1. Global Access

The very first feature that the HBO Max Watch Party owns is “Global Access,” which enables streaming even with your across-boundary friends. If you don’t know, the HBO Watch Party lets you add up to more than 100 people to your HBO Party. Besides, it also has specifications like seamless sync and HD streaming.   

2. Group Chat

The next feature is the “Group Chat” feature that enables chit-chat even while watching videos to make you feel close to your friends every second. To make your conversation more interesting and engaging, you can share emojis along with text messages in group chat.     

3. Profile Customization 

Another useful feature is “Profile Customization,” using this feature lets you make changes to the HBO Max Watch Party party profile. For instance, putting on cute, funny, and cool avatars as your profile icon. Moreover, add the funniest and coolest nicknames as your username. Remember, these changes will appear in your group chat as you do.   

4. Control over HBO Party

From a security perspective, it has a “Control over HBO Watch Party” feature. Once you own control over “Watch Party HBO Max,” you can pause, fast-forward, play, and rewind the videos the way you want. Therefore, enable the “Only I have control” button to own control over the HBO Max Party. Interstestly, you can even release control over the watch party by disabling the same “Only I have control” button.

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