HBO Watch Party - Watch HBO Max with Your Friends & Family Online

HBO Watch Party enables you to stream HBO videos in sync with as many people as you want. The extension is available for all HBO subscribers. It ensures the perfect audio and video synchronization of all the watch party participants. Furthermore, you can also chat with other participants in a sidebar while streaming the video together!

How to use HBO Max Watch Party

Kindly follow the below listed steps to get started with the HBO Watch Party Extension: –

Kindly install the extension by Clicking here. Please note that the extension is only compatible with Chromebook, Windows, or macOS devices. In addition to this, you should also keep in mind that you can download the extension via Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers. Once you’ve installed the extension, you should pin it to the toolbar.

You must have an HBO subscription to use the HBO Party extension. Moreover, you need to log in to your HBO account to create or join the virtual party.

After HBO sign in, you should search for a TV show, web series, movie, or any other video that you want to stream in your HBO Party. Furthermore, you need to play the video to create a party.

You can create or host the virtual party using the HBO Watch Party extension. For this, all you need to do is log in to the HBO account and search and play the video. After this, you should click on the HBO Party extension icon. Then, select the “Start the Party” option to create your virtual party link. Furthermore, please share this link with friends and family to invite them to the HBO Party.

You can join the HBO party with the party link. For this, you need to sign in to the HBO account and click on the link. Furthermore, you have to install the HBO Party extension if you haven’t already. Now, you will be redirected to the party.

Outstanding features of HBO Watch Party

The extension provides you with access to various unique and mind-blowing features, such as:

The customization feature of the extension allows you to choose and set the username and user icon of your choice. HBO Watch Party Extension also has various cute and funny avatars that you can set as your profile icon. In addition, you can also put your nickname as your username. Your username and icon will be visible to people.

You can also chat with the other virtual party members while streaming. Therefore, it will add more fun to your watch party.

The HBO watch party extension is compatible with all the macOS, Windows, and Chromebook laptops or PCs.

The extension is available all across the world. Therefore, you can enjoy watching your favorite HBO movies and shows together with your friends or family anytime, anywhere.

Watch your favorite TV shows, movies, any video on HBO in sync with your favorite people that too in HD quality and with fast buffering.

HBO Watch Party lets the host keep control of the party by enabling the “Only I have control” button. It allows them to control the play settings of the video.

FAQ - Hbo Party

If you are an HBO subscriber, then you can enjoy watching your favorite TV shows, web series, movies, and a lot more at HBO in sync with your favorite people online. Furthermore, the extension also enables you to chat with your friends while watching movies.

There is no limitation on the number of people who can join the virtual party. Hence, you can add as many members as you want.

Yes, it has the chat function, which allows you to chat while streaming with the other participants.

HBO Subscription

Stable internet connection

Chromebook, Windows, or macOS laptop or PC.

Latest versions of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers

Follow the below-mentioned steps to create or join the watch party: –

Then, in the “Create a Party” window, you can select whether you want to keep complete control of the HBO Party or not. Moreover, if you want to control the party, you should keep the “Only I have control” button ON. However, if you do not want to control the party, you can turn it OFF.

Follow these steps to join the party: –

After clicking on this link, you can join the party.

Yes, if any member or participant of the same virtual party lives in a different country, they can use a VPN.