HBO Watch Party - Watch HBO Max with Your Friends & Family Online

HBO Watch Party enables you to stream HBO videos in sync with as many people as you want. The extension is available for all HBO subscribers. It ensures the perfect audio and video synchronization of all the HBO Watch Party participants. Furthermore, you can also chat with other participants in a sidebar while streaming the video together!

How to use HBO Max Watch Party

Kindly follow the below listed steps to get started with the HBO Watch Party Extension: –

Install and pin the extension to the toolbar
HBO Login
Search and play the video
Host or Create a Virtual Party
Join an HBO Watch Party

Outstanding features of HBO Watch Party

The extension provides you with access to various unique and mind-blowing features, such as:

Customization feature
Chat with Friends
Supports different devices
Worldwide availability
HD streaming in Sync
Control your watch party title

Frequently Asked Questions

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