HBO Max Party watch HBO Together and Chat with Friends

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Today we have an amazing HBO Watch Party extension that unlocks all doors to start online streaming with your friends and family members. Besides, it is an entirely accessible extension, which you can install for free. Moreover, you will find it extremely engaging when it comes to streaming, as it has a wide range of videos for streaming. And these are movies, shows, series, short films, and documentaries, whether you are searching for the latest or old ones. 

The most important thing related to this is that it allows its users to create an HBO Watch Party by installing the HBO Max Watch Party extension. And by creating an HBO Max Party, the host can even invite their friends and other close ones to let them join in and stream together. Apart from this, it has a wide range of useful and accessible features that make your watch party more happening and irresistible. And these are: HD resolution to enjoy a real-life streaming experience or playing videos in sync to enjoy binge-free streaming. 

Plus, the Group-Chat feature keeps you engaged with chit-chat along with streaming, also Worldwide Access, Control over HBO Max Watch Party, and Profile Customization. The story doesn’t end here, as knowing about the installation process is relevant to correctly implementing the manual HBO Watch Party. Therefore, nothing can help you except following the below information.    

How to Stream with your Friends Together via HBO Watch Party?

Here are the six easiest steps which lead you towards streaming together with your friends via the online HBO Max Watch Party. So, gather all your friends and turn on your HBO Max Watch Party mood. So, let’s begin it:


1. HBO Party Extension Installation

Before installing the HBO Max Party extension, there are some prerequisites that you need to follow. Therefore, primarily either you have a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browser. Next important is to have a Chromebook, macOS, and Windows PC/laptop. Once you have all these things then, you can click here to install the HBO Watch Party extension. 


2.  Pin the Extension

Pinning the extension to the browser’s toolbar comes next once you install the extension. Remember, to pin the extension, click on the "pin" icon to add the extension to the top-right corner of the screen. Moreover, click on the puzzle icon to find the extension there.  

3. HBO Max Sign In

Now, carry onwards with logging in to your HBO streaming account. But before doing this, you must own a subscription to your HBO streaming services. Doing so is equally important for the HBO Max Watch Party host and joiner.   

4. Play the Video

Next, you need to search and select the movie or show that you would like to watch at the HBO Watch Party. And then, you need to play that video that you selected to watch with your brats at Watch Party HBO Max. Don’t forget to pause the video after playing it for a while.   

5. Create an HBO Max Party

To create an “HBO Watch Party” link, simply click on the extension icon in the web browser to open it. So it can open a new window with the "CREATE A WATCH PARTY" option. You will see a "START WATCH PARTY" button on the same window. You need to click on that button to create a "Hulu watch party" invitation link.   

6. Join the Party

The final step leads you towards joining the HBO Max Watch Party to stream together with your friends and close ones. Therefore, click on the shared HBO Party link shared by your friend or Host of the HBO Watch Party. And that’s how you can join your friends at the online Watch Party HBO Max and enjoy unlimited streaming. 

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